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ECONOMIC PROFILE Given the wealth of natural resources and its wonderful location in the Mexican Caribbean, tourism is the island’s main economic activity. The cruise ship industry in Cozumel is considered the main source of income since our island is the #1 destination of cruise arrivals in the world. Cozumel offers a wide range of attractions and activities of various kinds. A great area of the island is still natural virgin territory covered by jungle and swampy lagoons that are home to tiny mammals and endemic species that have always inhabited the island.
According to figures from the COMUPO, the population of Cozumel is 83,000 permanent habitants (approximately 42,000 men and 41,000 women). 53,000 of which are adults and an average of 5,000 of floating population, which inhabits the island for about 1 month in average.


The Island is about 30 miles from north to south and 9.2 miles from east to west, making it the third largest island in Mexico. Located 12.43 miles east of the eastern coast of the Yucatan peninsula, and 37.28 miles south of Cancun, has an area of ​ 402.23 sq. miles. You can also find in Cozumel the easternmost point of Mexico, called Punta Molas.

Cozumel is ranked as one of the most popular places in the world for diving and water activities and sports. It offers the #1 coral reef system in America. It offers a wide variety of water activities such as diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, kite boarding, fishing and many more.



Some of the cultural attractions that Cozumel offers its visitors are: The Public Clock, Mestizaje Monument, San Miguel Church, Diver Monument, Museum of the Island, Monument of Two Cultures Plaza, Museum of Mexican Music, archaeological site of San Gervasio, El Cedral, Discover Mexico theme park, Chankanaab Natural Park , Punta Sur Ecological Reserve, Country Club Golf Club.


The economic activities of the island are distributed as follows.
Primary sector (agriculture, hunting and fishing) 23.4%
Secondary sector (manufacturing, construction, electricity) 2.5%
Tertiary sector (trade, tourism) 74.0%

Cruise ship docks, passengers and cargo: Cozumel has a modern port infrastructure that consists mainly of 3 international cruise terminals (Punta Langosta Pier, International Pier SSA Mexico, Puerta Maya Pier), as well as a cargo terminal (Cargo Pier) and the downtown terminal (San Miguel Pier) that serves tenders, tour boats and passenger ferries.

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  1. Chris Bartos says:

    We will be there in April on a cruise. We are experienced windsurfers and are interested in renting for the day. Do you have rentals and what are the fees? Do we just take a taxi there? Thanks! Chris

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