Chechen & Chacah Tree

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The Chechen can measure up to 25 meters in height, and reaches a diameter of up to 60 centimeters. Contains a black resin in its bark if we were touched that we produced a second-degree burn.

The scientific name of the Chechen is Metopium brownei. It is a tree that produces flowers, yellow flowers and red berries, which serve as a source of food for various species of birds, even though they are so harmful to the human being. Its wood also used for the manufacture of solid wood floors or work of construction engineering;they have to be careful not to touch the resin.

There are many cases of tourists who have made excursions to the Mayan Riviera of activities by the jungle, as well as ATV, biking, etc. , and that unwittingly, have touched the tree. It is very important that the guides or travel agencies inform their customers to prevent.

It is always said that, along with a Chechen there is a tree that is called chacah (their antidote).  The chacah secretes an aqueous solution that is obtained by boiling the bark and is used in traditional medicine as an analgesic, insecticide, expectorant, anti-inflammatory, aphrodisiac, diuretic, anesthetic, among other properties, but, above all, to relieve irritation and burns of the skin caused by the resin from the tree of Chechen.



The chachah is a tree of reddish color and is a tree that used a lot for the development of wooden boxes and masks of crafts.





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